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First Post

Title: Five Senses
Rating: R (for language mostly)
Summary: How the five senses remind Elias and Randal of each other.
Pairing: Randal/Elias

Elias loved looking at Randal looking at him when he thought Elias wasn’t looking. His baseball cap twisted backwards and his shirt untucked. Just to feel his eyes on him would make the Christian boy feel tingly all over and the blood to start rushing to his... face. He loved catching Randal’s eyes and watching the potty-mouth look away, scoffing.


Randal loved seeing Elias’s face when the slacker decided to force the boy to look at pornography. It would always start as an innocent, "Hey, Elias, come ‘ere," and would always end with the young man flustered, completely speechless. Randal would travel thousands of miles to see that face. Those wide brown eyes, his lips open as his breaths began to get shorter and more frantic. The blush that attacked Elias’s face was so dark and scandalous, it always make Randal feel a bit proud at corrupting another innocent person.


Elias had always loved the task of mint. However, his love for the taste escalate the day Randal kissed him. They had been celebrating New Years Eve at the Quick Stop. Dante and Becky were having "alone time" in their car, leaving Randal and Elias alone. The ball dropped, Elias jumping up and down, his face red with the countdown of alcohol.

"Happy New Year, Randal!"

Elias had blown his noise-maker, throwing his arms around his... friend. Randal, of course, did not return the hug. He pushed Elias off of him, staring into his eyes. Again, Elias found himself flushed, his hair falling in front of his widening eyes.

It seemed so clumsy, when Randal pulled Elias towards him, his fingers digging into his jacket, as he kissed him. Until that night, Elias didn’t know just how demanding Randal’s tongue could be.


Randal had an acquired taste for peanut butter and jelly. Ever since he had the intelligence to distinguish taste, he knew he had a love for the genius combination of the two spreads. Elias always brought in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch. After the New Years Eve that started it all, Elias had tried to... forget about the entire thing.

He had to try not to meet Randal’s sinful eyes or laugh at his dirty jokes. Just when Randal was thinking about (A) firing Elias, or (B) just giving up on trying to be happy entirely, that Elias had made him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Randal hugged Elias so tightly that his Jesus-loving face turned purple. Randal told Elias to never make him worry again if he wanted to keep his job.


The smell of rain, or more specifically, the earth after it rained, always made Elias take deep breaths and close his eyes. Randal was driving him home on a particularly rainy day. Elias had rolled down the window, letting the moist air run through his brown hair. The car slowed, the brakes whining softly.

Elias opened his eyes, feeling then narrow when he didn’t recognize where he was. Before he could ask, Randal spoke.

"You know I like your Bible-humping ass, right?" Elias couldn’t see it, but he was positive that his face was glowing red. Randal smirked, swallowing his gum. "Just makin’ sure."

The older, dirtier man leaned across the automatic shift and kissed the trembling nineteen year old. No tongue. A real sweet kiss. Now, whenever it’s done raining, Elias thinks of that day inside Randal’s car.


When it came to fire, nothing motivated Randal more than the smell of it. It was the smell that would close his eyes to, letting the power of the scent wash over him. Fireworks, for instance, provide Randal with euphoria. Every year, in Jersey, the local town holds a day celebrating its miserable existence.

Nothing that would intrigue Randal if it hadn’t had fireworks. Lucky for him, it did. Dante had dragged him alone previous years, but his year was different.

"Randal, we can’t do that!"

Elias clenched his fists, trying to pull away from him as Randal kicked open the gate.

"Oh, live a little Elias, Jesus."

Randal could tell that the little Christian was about to shout, but the door was open and Randal would be damned if he wasn’t going through. He dragged Elias to the high school soccer field, waiting to get there before the first—


Elias stopped dead in his tracks, looking up at the colorful sky. The ash fell down, fire surrounding them. Randal, caught up in the thrill of the moment, pulled Elias to him, making out with him for the second time. Whenever Randal smells fire, he thinks of the cute noises that Elias made as he sank down to the ground.


The one sound that Elias found himself... "reacting" to was the sound Randal made when he was thinking dirty thought. So far, their relationship had been kissing, Randal occasionally grinding into the inexperienced boy. Many cold showers ensured.

The sound the Elias loved was the deep chuckle. Randal usually did it at work when the time was slow. Before Elias could recognize it, he was pressed up against the counter, Randal’s lips ambushing the sensitive skin on the back of Elias’s neck. Elias had to fight to turn around to meet Randal’s hungry lips as the older man chuckled.


Randal discovered that he loved to hear Elias’s breathy voice caught up in pleasure. It was like he was truly breathing life. When Randal finally bought an apartment, it took two weeks for him to hear Elias’s real voice.

"R-R-Randal... please... y-you, d-don’t—"

His breath sucked in when Randal’s lips started to kiss down his bare chest, his denim covered legs between Elias’s quivering slacks. Randal loved how he squealed when Randal decided to slide his tongue into his navel.

The clerk chuckled, his nimble fingers unbuttoning Elias’s pants, slowly pushing them down.


"Chill out, Elias." He was already pulling down the boy’s boxers, trying not to let his hands shake. He didn’t want to seem so... unsure. "I’m not going to fuck you."

Goose-bumps rose up on Randal’s skin as Elias let out a breathy moan when the clerk took him into his mouth.


Elias was new to this feeling that he had. He never was a touchy kind of guy. He always just imaged that he would be with some girl and they would do boyfriend-girlfriend things. But it seems as if God had a different plan.

Randal would always touch Elias. Not in the ew-teenage-groping way, but in a I-really-subtly-like-you sort of way. Dante had to have noticed by now, how Randal would always slap the kid on the shoulder, and he didn’t make fun of him that much anymore.

But it wasn’t just the physical touching.

Randal knew what Elias liked. Every few days the Christian would find something that the dirty-mouthed clerk had bought him. It was... well it made him feel really... warm. When they slept together, really slept, Randal wouldn’t mind when Elias had to snuggle up close to him, like a little kid.

It made Elias feel... well... he supposed that if all those priests and mother’s were right... then he supposed that he was in love.


Dante and Randal sat out on park benches, eating lunch. There was a long silence, Randal chewing on ham and cheese when his best friend finally asked the question.

"So... are you and Elias—"


"Jesus Christ, Randal."

"What?" Food fell out of the clerk’s mouth. "You’re oppressing gays now?"

"What the f– no!" Dante squeezed his eyes shut, pulling at his hair. "Elias? What did you do, tie him down and ingrain gay porn into his head?"

"No, what do you think I am, some sort of animal?" Randal was given ‘the look’ by Dante, which only made him roll his eyes. "Christ, remember three New Years Eves ago? When you and Becky booked to got out and fuck in your car?"


"I kissed him."


"I kissed him. What, you’re prude now?"

"Well, no it’s just that... it’s... Elias... and you?"

"I like the guy."

"You can’t just play around with people like Elias and their feelings! You know that! You’ve seen enough movies to know that, right?"

Silence finally fell, Randal taking a big bite out of his sandwich. At the rate he was going, he was going to be done with his lunch too soon.

"I know." He turned away from Dante, gulping his water down. "I... I really like him, Dante."

Later, when Randal and Elias drove back to their apartment together, there was no talking. They didn’t need to bullshit in order to be happy. Silence was fine. As soon as they closed the door behind them, Elias set down his backpack.

"Today, at work, a —"

The Christian boy’s voice was cut off as Randal cupped his face, kissing passionately. By the time he decided to allow Elias to pull back, the boy’s face was red, panting rising up to their ears. Elias’s lips twitched as he tried to put what he was thinking into polite words.

"Oh well... t-thank you, Randal."

The clerk shook his head, making a clicking sound with his tongue.

"You’ve got to be the weirdest kid I know, Elias."

Elias nodded, a hushed, "Oh," falling from his lips. Randal shook his head, smirking as he kissed him again. Chastely. Softly.

He didn’t really know why they had lasted so long. If Dante were to ask him, he really wouldn’t know how to answer. The sex? Yeah, sure. It was great, but it really didn’t matter. Looks? Well... no not really. Randal wasn’t out to nail the more gorgeous guy or gal. He knew he wasn’t the great of a catch either.

So what was it?

They crashed on the couch, Randal slipping in the Transformers movie into the DVD player. Elias sat between his legs, leaning against the smiling clerk. Randal’s restless fingers began to draw circles on Elias’s inner thighs.

Randal could tell Dante, if he asked of course, that he loved how the boy’s head leaned back, his hair tickling his nose. Or how Elias would let his hands wander up Randal’s arms, just barely stroking the skin. Don’t forget, no matter how many times they had made out or had sex, just how shy he was.

It was little quirks and kinks like that which kept Randal going. All those little things that made Elias... Elias.

"Hey, Elias?"

His head tilted back so his eyes could peek over his forehead.

"What is it Randal?"

Elias didn’t even jerk when a Decepticon blew up an American army base.

"I love you."

The pause was brief, the Christian’s eyes widening as he turned around on the couch.

"I love you too, Randal!"

Randal’s eyebrows shot up as he was kissed, quite boldly. He realized that Elias would never stop surprising him.

Randal Graves had fallen in love with Elias Grover.

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