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Title- In the Rain
By- AJ Wisdom (judasmalfoy)
Summary- “Randal are you on something, did Jay slip you some kind of drug, what’s wrong with you?”
Randal and Dante
AN- I really love this story please, please, please read and review. 

It was night. While the humans slept and the animals roamed they lay under an apple tree and stared at the blackness above them. There was no light, no moon, just stars and as Randal exhaled a soft breeze blew through the trees, caressing his skin. He wondered if the wind was breathing with him. He exhaled once more and the wind blew with him, embracing him like an old friend, like a long lost lover.


Randal could smell apples and the faint trace of a storm on the way. He closed his eyes and let himself be lost in the intoxicating scent, he was drunk on sweetness and power and he never wanted to be sober again.


He could feel the warmth radiating from the core of the earth, could feel every blade of grass playfully tickling his skin. His eyes found the stars again. They looked like tiny shards of glass laid out of black silk. He could see himself in the shards; he could see Dante lying next to him, looking over at him every now and again worriedly. Dante had nothing to worry about though. Randal was fine, more than fine, he was perfect. He was in perfect harmony with the world, with the galaxy.


“Randal are you alright?” he heard Dante ask. His voice sounded smooth and tasted like chocolate. Randal closed his eyes and sighed happily.


“Randal say something you’re scaring me man,” Dante tried once more.


Once more Randal opened his eyes and he could see the stars begin to be covered by clouds. He kissed the silk and shards of light and reflection goodbye for now.


“Randal are you on something, did Jay slip you some kind of drug, what’s wrong with you?” Dante asked as he sat up and looked over at his friend in concern.


Randal moaned and arched off the ground as rain began to fall on them. He opened his mouth to taste the tantalizing drops and smiled as he tasted tangerines in the rain.


“This is nuts Randal, I’m going home call me when you come to your senses,” Dante said as he got up and wiped the mud and grass off of his pants and left Randal lying in the rain.


Randal didn’t watch him go but smiled to himself as the rain fell on him, warm kisses on his body. He knew he would never come to his senses again, not after tonight, not after the galaxy had opened its arms and embraced him so lovingly, whispering all its secrets into his ear like sweet nothings to a lover.


Randal smiled and opened his mouth once more drinking in the taste of tangerines and something else, something more. Enlightenment was in the rain, life, love, beauty, laughter, kisses, it was all there, and it was his.

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