BARRAGE OF HOMOSEXUALITY (j_crew_guy) wrote in straight_askew,

Is this canon?

There's an excerpt from Bore-gasm, the book Tricia Jones was writing/researching in Mallrats in The Mallrats Companion and while it's supposed to be all about Shannon Hamilton, it's the end of the previous chapter that we get to see that has me curious.

...People have theorized for years that Randal was closeted, but until that night, I'd always shrugged them off. However, after our vid-store floor encounter, I'm forced to lend that talk some credence. And while there's absolutely nothing wrong with it, I feel the subject would be much better off throwing away the shackles of gender role forced on him from surch an early age (as it goes with most men, in my experience) and accepting his natural inclinations toward same-sex desire.

Maybe then he'd quit calling girls 'Dante' as he climaxes.


Just to clarify, it's in the book along with the blueprints Jay & Bob use in the movie, Renee's breakup letter to Brodie (which is framed), the mall directory and an excerpt from an article talking about the death of Julie Dwyer, so I guess it counts as canon/part of fleshing the universe out?
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