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Title- 5 secrets about Mr. Randal Graves that only Dante knows
By- AJ Wisdom (judasmalfoy)
Summary- Secret #1- Randal's a hopeless romantic

Randal was a hopeless romantic and he hated it. Most people thought Randal didn’t have a romantic bone in his lithe body but Dante knew better. He had caught Randal many times watching movies like Pride and Prejudice or Moulin Rouge or his nose so far into the book Twilight that he hadn’t even noticed Dante was sitting right next to him for almost 30 minutes. Dante thought it was cute but it only made Randal ashamed that he had to go out as soon as he was caught and do something most people would consider manly. Randal only got more ashamed and aggravated when Dante began to encourage Randal’s inner romantic by buying him even more chick flicks and romance novels for Randal’s birthday and Christmas. But no matter how aggravated Randal pretended to be the other man always cuddled up next to Dante as he watched or read his present, a small smile on his face.
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