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Rated: PG-13/R
SEQUEL TO PREVIOUS FIC, but can be read as standalone.
Thanks to Judasmalfoy for putting the idea in my head.
Notes: This will probably need a third part, as the end is kind of a cliffhanger.

Dante started looking at them strangely the end of the first week he and Elias had started 'dating'.

It, quite frankly, pissed Randal off; it had taken him almost a month longer to even guess there was something going on between Dante and Becky.

But, then, things didn’t change between Dante and Becky like they had between him and Elias.

He had stopped making fun of Elias. The fact was, he didn’t want to make fun of Elias. Not much. Not the same way.

Because he and Elias shared a secret. A deep, fucking-at-work secret that, in a way, made him closer to Elias than he’d ever been to Dante. And it’s kind of hard to mess with someone’s religion when half the time you’re nailing them when you should be working.

Dante wasn’t really supposed to actually find out, though.

Dante wasn’t even supposed to have suspicions.

So, all right, maybe it was kind of stupid to fuck Elias at work.


Just a little bit.

Probably a little more stupid to do it while he was supposed to be making an Egga-Mooby-Muffin.

And probably really fucking stupid to do it in the broom closet with the door that had that broken lock.

But, well, with Elias’ hands and mouth and tongue all over him, it was hard to remember that.

In fact, he was probably doing the world a favor by dragging that Christian kid into the closet instead of just bending him over a table and fucking him with a customer munching on a Cow Tipper on either side.

But the world never really did appreciate his favors.

The world just made people open the door to the closet in which he was fucking.

So he and Dante just stared at each other.

Elias was facing the wrong direction and just a little busy to notice until Randal said something.

And it took an entire, frozen, awkward minute for Randal to actually think of anything to say:

“Jesus, Dante, don’t you knock?”

Elias flung himself wildly into pails and mops, and by the sound of it, got knocked on the head by some form of cleaning fluid.

Dante’s eyebrows quirked, “Will you hand me that broom?”

Randal was taken aback, then shrugged and shoved the broom at Dante.

“Seeing as you’re surrounded by cleaning products, will you kindly have the decency to clean up?”

“Thank you.”

Dante closed the door, and Randal sat down next to Elias.

“He took that strangely well, didn’t he?” Elias appeared to be in shock, so Randal continued without him, “’Spose he’s got a shotgun and is just waiting for us to come out?”

Elias’ head swiveled and his eyes bugged.

“I’m kidding.” Randal stood and pulled his pants up from his knees, “The real question is, how many customers do you think saw my cock?” Elias was still silent, and Randal hit him lightly in the forehead, “You shoulda stayed there. Jesus. Make me flash fucking Dante.” He rejoined Elias on the floor. “Hey, Elias?”

Elias seemed to be breaking out of his shock induced haze, and finally paid full attention to Randal.

“The health inspector was coming today, wasn’t he?”
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